Summer travel deals still available in Virginia

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia is ranking high on even national travel web sites as a great place to find a last minute summer vacation deal. Travel experts say that's good news for anyone on a budget who's looking to stay close to home.

Travel agent Stephanie Goff says, "A lot of times you don't have time to go quite so far, so people like the closer to home attractions like amusement parks, Williamsburg,  you know mountains, and you know a lot of vineyards are becoming more popular with world class wine as close as about an hour away in Charlottesville."

Goff says there are lots of deals to be had, and you still have time to get them.

Goff says, "definitely you can sew it up at the last minute.  It seems like the trend is now becoming well lets see where we can go in the next month, people used to book six months to a year in advance, and that's just not happening anymore."

Virginia Tourism officials say a lot of people miss out on great travel deals because they forget to look in their own backyard.

Tamra Talmadge-Anderson with the Virginia Tourism Corporation says, "even if you live in the state there is so much to discover from history to beaches to mountains to wineries.  There's something for everyone." is rating Virginia as one of five top places to get a good deal right now.

Your best bet at a budget vacation is a flexible schedule.

Goff says, "that allows you to get the best bang for your buck whatever day they might be offering the promotions."

If you have already had a stay-cation or maybe took that route last year, the deals outside Virginia and even the US can be just as good.  Travel agents say prices drop when hotels or cruises aren't booked up.

Goff says, "Vegas is always a good deal, cruises, it almost seems like they are giving them away they are so cheap, all inclusive trips to the Caribbean."

A lot of times when you are booking travel at a discounted rate, those deals are non-refundable. So, you might want to think about getting travel insurance in case something unexpected happens.

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