Controversy over full-body scanners

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A new controversy is brewing over the use of full-body scanners for security. The federal government says the images aren't being saved, but reportedly thousands of images are already being stored.

35,000 pictures of people entering a Florida courthouse were saved. The company that made the machine that recorded the images says the pictures were saved because their clients are private businesses who need records of who comes in and out.

The Transportation Security Administration says the scanners at airports have the memory feature disabled. That still doesn't sit well with some people.

"These scanners take detailed naked images, and the TSA has stated that they will require all American air travelers, everyone flying through domestic airlines in this country, to go through these body scanners," said John Verdi of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "If these images are stored and compiled, that constitutes a federal peep show database."

U.S. law makes it clear that anyone who objects to being scanned can opt for a pat-down instead.

Richmond International Airport has had its full-body scanners in use since November 2008.

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