Chesterfield homes flooded, storm aftermath

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – For some people, the rain storm on Thursday night, wasn't just a problem outside. At Heritage Pointe Apartment Complex in Chesterfield nearly a dozen homes were flooded and some residents say this isn't the first time.

Remnants of the storm's aftermath are apparent in Shawn Davis' home. His carpet is soaked.

"The water came from outside. It came through here, as you can see, it ended right here," said Davis.

Davis isn't alone. NBC12 cameras recorded water accumulating at the backdoor of his neighbor's home at the complex. Several tenants say flooding isn't unusual at Heritage Pointe.

"Every time it rains that's what's going to happen, water going into the kitchen," said resident, Lidney Collins.

A number of tenants have sandbags by their backdoors. It's something Collins says doesn't help.  Water from the storm flowed into her kitchen.

"It was really high, like really high -- all the way right here. It's really frustrating because I got kids and when they walk their like, 'mommy it's wet. The floor is wet,'" said Collins.

The manager of the property admits flooding is a problem. He says efforts are being made to resolve the issue.

"We've added trenching, drainage -- we keep our drains cleaned out there," said Property Manager, Dean Clevenger.

Clevenger says when there's heavy rain some of the drains become clogged which causes water to back-up. Cleaning crews are at the complex helping residents dry out. They're ripping up wet carpets and putting down new padding.

"We're working hard and going to get it done. We're going to get everybody taken care of," said Clevenger.

Meanwhile, Davis says he's not looking forward to future rain storms because he knows more flooding will likely follow.

In all about a dozen units were damaged out of the seventy or so that are on the property.

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