Power being restored, but still thousands without service

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Yesterday's storms are still having an effect many people in our area.

The Colonial Heights courts building is closed today because the air conditioning is not working.  The Surry County Government Center is also closed. They have no power.

Dominion Virginia Power reports that more than 4,000 customers are without power in the Richmond area.

Things are really looking better by the minute. The power is coming back on as quick as power crews can get to the outages.

Trees just split in half, some left in the middle of the road. Other trees taking down power lines, leaving tens of thousands in the dark.

People like David and Amelia Rohrer were on their way to pick up some coffee, still without power this morning.

"I really just wanted to take a shower last night because I just had gotten home from the gym. So, I had to do a cup bath and, just scrub on the outside because I was scared I was going to get struck by lightning," says Amelia. 

They had two little dogs to take care of too. "They finally went to sleep but they definitely didn't like the storms at all," says David.

This group wasn't alone.

At the height of the storm, Dominion Virginia Power tells us there was 60,000 outages in the Metro Richmond area.

We caught up with this crew trying to restore power on the south side just off Forest Hill Avenue.  Just around the corner at The Townes at Stratford Hills, we're told people were without power for a couple hours.

It all frustrated a lot of people.  "The annoyance of not having coffee and not being able to use the computer and not be able to see you guys on the news!" says Amelia.

The problem hit some businesses too, including the Martin's Food Market on Forest Hill Avenue. Crews spent part of Friday morning restocking the shelves after a five-hour power outage. We're told they brought in refrigerator trailers to keep the food cold and luckily nothing was spoiled.

Right now, the Rohrer's are hoping things get fixed fast, with a backup plan if it doesn't.

"I'm gonna be thinking who has a pool. I'm gonna make friends real fast," Amelia said.

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