Beware of U.N. job scams

By Gray Hall - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A warning for people looking to work for the United Nations. Crooks are sending fake emails, fax messages and other correspondences to try and get money and other personal information. The United Nations is aware of the problem and wants to warn the public about this deception. The U.N. says criminals are misusing its name and emblem.

The ultimate goal for criminals is to take your money. Because of the increased reports of this fraud, the U.N. posted an alert on its website. The International organization says cases are increasing worldwide.

Here is what it wants you to be aware of if you are looking for a U.N. job. No fee is charged at any stage of the recruitment process. The United Nations will not ask for your bank account information or other private information. Also, it does not offer jobs, prizes, awards, certificates or scholarships through unsolicited emails, fax or phone calls. Another reminder -- the U.N. does not conduct lotteries or compensates victims of fraud.

Tom Gallagher, with the Richmond Better Business Bureau says the people running the fake job offers are usually targeting people returning home overseas from the military.

"Folks would be attracted to this because they are coming out of the service, they are use to a regiment life and they don't have a job. Some of these scams involve up front money. That should be your give away, none of these folks, whether U.N. or contractors will charge up front money to get a job," Gallagher said.

If you have a question about an email or phone call -- claiming to be from the United Nations, contact the organization directly.

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