Chesterfield family sees storm damage for the first time

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – We have new information tonight about the damage caused by last Thursday's thunderstorms. Chesterfield officials say the storms caused half a million dollars in damage to 32 homes. Of those homes, four had to be condemned. Today one family is getting a first look at their damage...that's because they were on vacation when the storm hit.

After eight days in the Bahamas, Tuesday afternoon, the Baldwin family saw how broken tree limbs damaged their home and vehicle. But the mess is gone thanks to a neighbor that stopped his life to help this family.

Today, gashes on the property and a stump are all that remains. When tree limbs toppled over Thursday- Keith Baldwin's family was in the Bahamas.

"We all a great time and when we got back we turned on the phone and we got some messages that a storm had come through. We didn't know how bad until we got here and saw the damage," said Keith.

A pile of leaves shaded the family's SUV - limbs stabbed the roof of the house. For the last four days their neighbor, David Packett and their brother-in-law Kevin, stopped everything to clean up the mess. The family didn't know about the disaster until this morning.

"There's nothing they could do. So we didn't want to take the glow off of this family cruise," said Packett.

Packett and Kevin did what they could before a landscaping company stepped in Tuesday morning to remove the broken limbs from the SUV and house.

"I was the first one to go inside. It was smelly inside. It was bad," Noah Baldwin said.

Water seeped into a bedroom through two gaping holes in the roof. Kirk Aikey, a contractor did what he could to ease the damage.

"Being a dad with the daughter's room and all that, I can certainly sympathize with that- just wanted to do what we could," said Aikey.

David and Kevin also got an insurance adjuster to survey mess that will require sister Aniela to bunk with Noah until repairs are done. In the end, these broken limbs shed light on the kindness of family and friends.

"It feels great. It's kind of emotional for me," said David.

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