Hanover prepping for National Night Out

The Hanover Sheriff's Office is gearing up National Night Out. Currently 42 Hanover neighborhoods are planning to participate in the August 3 event.

Hanover National Night Out celebrations we will kick off at Target on Bell Creek Road at 11:00 a.m.

Below is a list of National Night Out activities around Hanover:

Totopotomoy: Patuxent at Totopotomoy Trail
Cook Out

Battlefield Green Townhomes: Pool Pavillion
Pool party/cookout

Beaverdam Creek Apts: Clubhouse
Pool  Party/Cookout

Beaverdam Park:  7126 East Blvd
Lights on only

Black Creek Estates: 3233 North Jayto (at end of road)

Chickahominy Bluffs Apts: Pool
Pool Party

Colonial Forrest : Commons area at the Lake
Ice cream social

Greywood Community:
Lights on only

Hunters Woods Apts: Leasing Office
Ice cream social

Huntington Woods: 8254 Sugar Wood Dr

Mayfield Farms:  8224 Carter Lane
Dessert social

Meadowbridge I &II: Barnette Ave at the Lake
Ice cream social

Mill Trace Village Apts: Clubhouse
Pool Party

Pebble Creek : Clubhouse Cookout
Pool party

Pole Green Station: 6189 Gibbsdown Pl. in cul de sac
Ice cream social

Rose Hill: Clubhouse

Royal Glen: Vacant lot at Crown Colony Pkwy & Sir Michael Lane

Sherrington subdivision : Community Pool- Midday Ln.
Children's events