Trees fall on several homes in Chesterfield

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The clean cut subdivision of Wedgewood has never looked this bad. Residents call it a war zone and say when the worst of it came through, it felt like a tornado hit their homes.

"The winds just picked up, picked up tremendously," said Erin Carpenter who has family in Wedgewood.

"It was trees everywhere," said resident, Chimere Threat

Chainsaws in hand neighbors reached out to get a one hundred year old tree off a home. The entire tree uprooted and fell on the dining room and kitchen of the house. On lookers cringed at the sight.

"When I saw that I just panicked, I didn't know what was going over here, because it looked so bad over there," said Threat.

"My heart, seeing these guys up there, these guys can get hurt at any moment," said Carpenter as she watched the husband and stepsons try to take down a tree.

Just around the corner, Tabitha and James white came home to a backyard covered with tree parts. They just put in a pool in June.

"I panicked because to see that amount of debris and damage to our home, our one and only home; it was unimaginable to us," said White.

The trees luckily missed the house, but the broken tree trucks covering the yard came flying from the neighbor's backyard.

"This is our home and we love our neighborhood very much, so we will rebuild," said White.

Just down the street in the Poplar Creek subdivision a corner house built in 1993 sustained the fall of two major trees. One just barely missed someone on the bottom floor but managed to destroy a bedroom upstairs.

A neighbor across the street tells us what happened as the storm picked up.

"Then I heard the wind getting louder, and when I looked out the window, I just saw things flying all over the place, it was pretty drastic," said Ronnie Castro.

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