July 29: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In this Restaurant Report, critical violations include improper temperatures, the importance of wearing and changing gloves, and some visitors in one kitchen who apparently like the food as much as the customers do.

Starting in Hanover, Hanover Tavern and Pub at 13181 Hanover Courthouse Road had 5 critical violations. The inspector noted observing excessive flies in the food prep area. Violations were corrected during the inspection and the restaurant earned a perfect score on the follow-up inspection.

Hanover Tavern and Pub sent us a statement reading:  "A healthy, clean, & safe environment is our top priority.  We appreciate any issues that the inspector brought to our attention and corrected them on site.  We will continue to partner with the health department to ensure we are exceeding food & health standards on all future inspections."

In Henrico, Casa Grande at 3532 Pump Road had 4 critical violations. The report says the cook handled raw beef, then failed to change gloves before changing tasks. Violations were corrected during the inspection. The restaurant had one critical violation each on two follow-up inspections. We reached out to the restaurant but did not hear back.

Moving to Richmond, Cha Cha Cantina at 1419 East Cary Street had 6 critical violations. The inspector wrote that chicken, shrimp, pork, beef patties, corn, and scallops were cold holding at improper temperatures. Violations were corrected while the inspector was still there. The restaurant owner tells us despite having the cooler repaired, its temperature was the only critical violation on two follow-up inspections, so he is buying a new cooler to make sure food is kept at the proper temperature.

In Chesterfield, Cross Flite Restaurant at 11931 Centre Street had 4 critical violations. The inspector wrote that employees handled ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. The restaurant had all critical violations corrected in the follow-up inspection. A manager declined comment for our report.

We asked Tom Goulding of Rosie Connolly's Pub and Restaurant if he's a clean freak for avoiding any critical violations since 2008. He answered, "Yah, yah! My wife says I'm not in the house but I am in here."

That's why this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Rosie Connolly's Pub and Restaurant at 1548 East Main Street in Richmond. Said Goulding, "I've had a lot of comments, people say how clean it is. I'll look on the internet, Facebook and stuff like that and I've always seen comments on there on how clean the place is, which is nice."

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