Chesterfield families make repairs after storm one month ago

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 obtained dramatic video of firefighters rescuing a little Chesterfield girl from her own home. That's after a giant tree sheared off the back of the house on Sherwood Forest Terrace. It was one month ago that those powerful storms blew through.

The Dancey family isn't the only one busy with repairs. But they may have to wait until Thanksgiving before they can return home.

Elias Dancey says he's just happy his wife and three children got out safely. He was at a business meeting in the West End when he got a phone call he won't soon forget.

Neighbor Tim Sanderson captured this dramatic scene one month ago.

"They're breaking into the window," said Sanderson.

Chesterfield firefighters pulled a little girl from a second story window.

"Oh they got Anna," said Sanderson.

A fallen tree trapped Dancey's five year old daughter, his wife and baby boy.

"The tree took out the stairs," said Dancey.

It sheared off the kitchen too. That's where Dancey's 8-year-old son was. He saved his own life.

"He knew it was too late and he remembered in school when they taught him tornado drills, and he ducked down and covered his head," said Dancey.

His homeowner's insurance will help replace the roof, ceilings, walls and floors. The damage is close to $100,000.

"The most permanent damage is our dog, who lost a leg," said Dancey.

Down the street...

"They replaced all the siding," said Sonya Thompkins whose home was also damaged in the storm.

Thompkins is also counting her blessings and the days before she can return home.

"We're hoping later this week. I'm hoping," said Thompkins.

Four trees toppled in her back yard and another snapped in half sparking an electrical fire.

"They had to put a new roof all the way over front and back," said Thompkins.

She's living in a hotel with her five children.

"It shook up our life. This has been an experience to live out of a hotel every day," said Thompkins.

Like Thompkins, Dancey is taking it one day at a time.

"You picture what they went through, but then ultimately everyone is okay, and you can worry about smaller things," said Dancey.

Dancey says his family is doing just fine, although he says when a storm is brewing his 8 and 5-year-old run to the TV to watch weather reports to see if it's coming toward the rental home their currently living in.

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