Hopewell offers irrigation sewer service refund

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) – Some Hopewell residents will get a break on their summer water bills. The city plans on handing out refund checks to those who use water for irrigation purposes.

That refund offer was approved by Hopewell city council this month. The goal, in part, is to help residents keep more money in their pockets.

Hopewell resident Vera Asaro is committed to keeping her flowers healthy and hydrated.

"I try to water them about every evening or every other evening," she said.

That extra water use during the summer causes her utility bills to rise.

"We look at the water bill and it's like a shock attack," said Vera.

To help water down those big bills, the city is offering residents an irrigation credit for sewer use. The refund is part of an effort to accommodate summer watering practices.

"Citizens must initiate this action. The city will not go out and find you and say it's mandatory you do this," said Hopewell city spokesperson Herbert Bragg.

In Hopewell, sewer usage is measured and billed according to water usage, but those who water their gardens and lawns are not sending water through the sewer system, so the city decided to offer the refund.

"One person may receive $10 - while the other may receive $30. It all depends on how much water is going toward irrigation versus the sewer," Bragg said.

There are requirements to qualify...including living in a single family residential home. Residents are encouraged to submit their most expensive summer water bill to the city, along with a winter bill. The city will analyze and calculate the difference between the two bills and issue a refund.

Asaro didn't know about the offer until we told her. Now, she's hoping to get some cash back from the city.

"That would be wonderful if I can qualify for it because I'm on a fixed income," said Vera.

There's no deadline to apply for the refund. For more information on the irrigation sewer service refund contact Hopewell's Finance Department.

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