Woman receives threatening e-mail

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Look out for a phishing scam claiming to be from a hitman. It's showing up in e-mails all over. It orders the receiver to fork over thousands or be killed. 12 on Your Side has the details on the latest scheme designed to steal your money.

Theresa Varnado thought she had seen it all. But she definitely wasn't ready for this one...an e-mail message that has her 'and' her family, on high alert.

When Theresa Varnado got this email from 'euro-millions award' it caught her by surprise. Varnado realized the sender wasn't just demanding money -- he was threatening her life.

"I have to watch my back and my family," said Theresa.

The email said "I am Mr. Majeed Varan"...The only man seer from UAE to kill you, I am a murderer. I have been paid to kill you, and by one of your friends, and the date has come."

In the email, Majeed Varan tells Varnado she is a wealthy person that she is innocent, and he could make more profit out of a double deal.

"If I want to live, I can give them some money and they'll leave us alone that's what they're saying," Theresa said.

The email then gives a "Warning: do not think of contacting the police or even tell anyone, because I will know. Remember, someone who knows you very well and wants you dead! I will extend it to your family, in case I notice something funny."

"How will they know if we contact the police unless they see them come by," she asked.

According to the Better Business Bureau the scam has been around for 4 years. The B.B.B. says don't give personal information 'or' wire money in response to an unsolicited email...no matter how urgent or scary the message. Don't be spooked if the email contains personal information about you or your family -- because the information may have come from public databases. 'And' forward extortion emails to the FBI, through its 'Internet Crime Complaint Center'.

Even though Varnado knows the email is a scam, she plans to be cautious.

"Just try to be careful and stay in the surrounding area and watch out," Theresa said.  

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