Substitute teacher pleads no contest to alcohol charges

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield County substitute teacher sentenced to jail for bringing alcohol on school property and being drunk in public hopes her situation can help others. Sabrina Pado wants to one day become a substance abuse counselor.

Pado has enrolled in several substance abuse programs including Alcoholics Anonymous and has completed outpatient treatment. In court today, she pled no contest to the charges.

The judge called her actions outrageous conduct but still sentenced her to 8 days behind bars. Sabrina Pado hid behind a pair of black sunglasses and a hat as she left her sentencing at the Chesterfield County Courthouse today. She had nothing to say and tried to avoid our cameras when we asked how she felt about her upcoming jail time for being drunk in public and bringing alcohol on school property.

Back in May at Jacob's Road Elementary School, Pado was supposed to be teaching a class of third graders. Those same students reported her drunken behavior to the school principal who called police.

"It's very disturbing to have someone in the classroom with young children, impressionable children and have someone obviously, that the children could tell, was under the influence of alcohol," said Kenneth Nickels, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney.

In court today the responding officer testified against Pado saying, he noticed that day that she had glazed eyes and he could smell alcohol on her breath. Pado apparently tried to get away.

"Initially she told the officer that her name was Ms. Jones," said Nickels.

Later she confessed and agreed to an alcohol test and slammed her fists on the ground saying quote, "I can't believe I did this." The test found her blood alcohol content to be .15. She also admitted to pouring a 24 ounce beer into a water bottle. While she wouldn't talk to us today, Pado told the judge she has enrolled in several substance abuse classes, something that's not required by the court.

"The judge felt and the commonwealth felt that she has obviously taken steps recognized she had a problem and has begun treatment and is taking it seriously," Nickels said.

The 8 day jail sentence and $100 fine is a part of a 6 month, $500 dollar fine sentence that's partly been suspended. A Chesterfield County schools spokesperson says that Pado has not been listed a possible substitute teacher since this incident.

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