UPDATE: Murder suspect killed after standoff with police

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - At the beginning of the deadly standoff that happened on Richmond's Southside yesterday, police said the suspect made a threat.

Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood says Jataynun Fleming, 22, told an investigator "you're going to have to shoot this out with me."

The medical examiner's office announced on Friday that the cause of death for Fleming was multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

The Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney's office is investigating the officer involved shooting. Two Richmond police were involved and are both on paid administrative leave which is standard practice during and investigation like this.

Police were in the home with the gas was deployed. They say Fleming approached the officers in a combative measure where they had to use deadly force. Richmond Police SWAT team members try to negotiate with their prime suspect for nearly five hours.

Fleming was eventually shot and killed. At this point, it is still unclear if Fleming was armed, and just how many times he was shot. Now, his grandmother, who was at the standoff, is talking about what happened and looking for answers.

It all happened in the 300 block of Beaufont Hill Drive on the city's southside. Police wanted Fleming in connection with a Wednesday morning murder on the city's East End.

"We had strong evidence...physical evidence and witness statements that led us to believe that he was the primary suspect," said Norwood.

Fleming's grandmother, Maggie Lee, said this morning she knows her grandson did not have a weapon on him.

And while police still have not said whether or not that's true, they did just say at a news conference that they made contact with Fleming early in the process. Police add, that is when Fleming said to them, "you're going to have to shoot this out with me."

After some time, the negotiations broke down and that is when police say they entered the home Fleming was in. Police said they used tear gas and when they said Fleming came at them in a combative manner, they had to use deadly force.

"I am so hurt," Lee said. "I am not even angry. So hurt. I'm just so hurt."

Fleming was a father of five, and brother of one.

Police say he barricaded himself inside a South Richmond home, which Lee says is just a friend's home.

Lee was outside most of the time.

"They said when they got this phone thing set up, they were going to let me talk to him and they never did. And, I kept begging them, why not," Lee said.

Lee says her son, who is Flemings' father, was able to go inside this house, but was not able to actually talk to the man police say was their prime suspect from a murder earlier that day.

"He was scared. 22-years-old. You don't know what's going through his mind," she said.

This as SWAT team members tried to get him out of the home.

"Two rounds of gas were put into the room in which he was staying," said Gene Lepley, spokesman for the Richmond Police Department. "He threw away the phone, the communication device we provided."

The standoff ended when Fleming was shot and killed.

"Now I got to bury my grandchild, as they go about their life. I got to bury him," Lee said.

The family says Fleming was actually inside the bathroom, laying the bath-tub of the home where the negotiations took place.

"He was laying down when they shot him. The bullet holes from the bedroom go all the way down through the kitchen the living room," said Lee.

After Fleming was taken away in this ambulance, his dad says he went inside and says he saw bullet holes in the ground. Doctors told him his son was shot multiple times.

"One right don't make no wrong," Lee said. "So, if he was wrong, they were wrong. I don't want people to judge him. I just want the truth. I just want the truth."

Police will not say if Fleming was armed or how many shots were fired pending the outcome of an investigation by prosecutors.

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