Fence will end shortcuts through Cloverleaf Mall parking lot

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Say goodbye to the shortcut.  Starting Wednesday, Cloverleaf Mall in Chesterfield will be surrounded by fence.

It's a desolate area perfect for fledgling drivers like 16-year-old Brady Garrison.

"The parking lot is so spacious and it allows to navigate and even pick up the speed a little bit," said Brady Garrison.

Wednesday Chesterfield County is taking "no trespassing" signs a step further by shutting down mall access to the public.

There are two major problems at Cloverleaf. The first: Vandals. They've ripped through wood boards and shattered glass. Second: Illegal dumpers who think it's okay to trash a bathtub in the parking lot of the mall. Chesterfield has major problems with that.

Things like broken tiles wrapped in cloth are unwanted gifts left on the property.

Vandals have even gone as far as writing messages to the "popo" or police on sides of buildings.

There there's the problem of people cutting through the parking lot. At all hours of the day, people zoom through the parking lot to get to neighborhoods.

At least this driver uses the proper lanes.  Brady's mother, Amy, can't believe how bad the area has become.

"People just don't have good regards for things anymore," said Amy Garrison.  "They figure since no ones using it they can just destroy it, which is too bad."

The east, west and south sides of Cloverleaf Mall will be fenced off to the property line. The north side along Midlothian Turnpike will have some open space for people to access businesses.

Now that you know it's going to close, you going to practice a little bit longer today? "I might have to. Yes. Squeeze in a little more time."

The fence will cost $6,000 to install and will be installed Wednesday.

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