UPDATE: Missing python found in Petersburg

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – A sigh of relief in Petersburg tonight. A seventy pound missing pet python snake has been found.

The pet python was found a short distance away from its home. The animal was curled up in a wooded area near a running track behind the YMCA. The owner of the animal says he's relived. Not only for himself, but for his pet and the community.

The 7-foot long, 50-pound python had been missing just about all day Tuesday. The owner of the python and his buddies searched for the animal for several hours before finding the python. The reptile escaped Matt Graham's home, in the 200 block of Henry Street, early Tuesday morning by breaking a window and falling three floors.

"It looks like she slipped into two panes and with her  body weight and pressure busted one of the glasses out and the momentum and weight of her body took her the rest of the way out of the window," said Matt Graham, the python owner.

News of the reptile slithering around town had some neighbors freaked out, but again within the last hour that 7-foot long, 50-pound missing python in Petersburg has been found. And in case you're wondering it is legal to have such an animal as a pet in Petersburg.

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