Local company helps professionals find flex-schedule & part-time jobs

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Are you looking for a job but need to work part-time or have a flexible schedule? Those jobs can be hard to find. But more parents and caregivers need them. A local company was just featured in Newsweek magazine for helping people find "flex schedule" jobs.

The company is called Momentum Resources, located in a renovated yellow house on Libbie Avenue in Richmond. They help mothers and other professionals who have extensive experience but need flexible schedules.

Accountant Debbie Brumitt needed a job with shorter hours so that she has time to take care of her family. Said Brumitt, "I realized I didn't want to work 50 or 60 hours. I really needed time to be with my father who is still living here in Richmond by himself in his own home, and with my husband and with my dogs."

Debbie landed a rare job, one that will soon be just 25 hours a week. And she found it through Momentum Resources, which specializes in matching workers with part-time and flex-schedule jobs.

Explained Whitney Forstner, a Momentum Resources Principal, "The desire is for folks who want to work today but have the flexibility to come home and be with the kids and do homework and go to sporting events.  Still contribute in a meaningful way to the workplace and their family."

Momentum is not just for mothers, but any professional with extensive experience who needs a non-traditional schedule. Said Forstner, "We work with people in a variety of backgrounds and experiences, from marketing to finance to project management, and have placed them with very successful positions with large and small companies."

Momentum even persuades some employers to consider flex schedules.  Forstner says she's finding more companies are open to the idea as a way to save money after the recession. Said Forstner, "The reality is that individual is probably working harder in the 5-6 hours a day they're putting in, then maybe some people who are in a traditional work week, because they're motivated to be there, but they're also motivated to leave."

It's working out for Brumitt at her new job at lawfirm Murphy & McGonigle. Said Brumitt, "I like the fact that I can walk out the door at 5 o'clock and no one is going to say, 'Wait, I need you to do this other thing for me before you go.'"

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