Fewer Chesterfield school employees laid off than expected

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Some good news for Chesterfield County Public Schools. After estimating about 150 job losses the actual number is 100. And as of June 30, half of those employees were called back to work another year.

Chesterfield parent Allison Hurt is happy half of the school employees who lost their job have now been called back.  A majority are elementary teachers.  But even so, the school workforce is smaller and she's concerned about the student-teacher ratio.

"Classes have gone from like, as I've seen with my kids, like 18 up to 24," said Hurt.

In addition to larger class sizes, some courses may be eliminated due to staff cuts. And with fewer teachers aides more volunteers will be needed.

"My son hasn't wanted me to be there. He is embarrassed about me being there," said Hurt.

But Allison says she's willing to volunteer.

"He's just going to have to grin and bear it," she said.

But volunteers can't replace the employees lost.

In a statement from the school division, "Over the last two years we have been forced to reduce our budget by almost $80-million and eliminate almost 500 positions. It weighs heavy on our hearts to know that we are losing valuable members of our school division family who have been instrumental in our academic success," Shawn Smith, Chesterfield County Public Schools spokesperson.

All school employees- from staff to the superintendent to the school board- are all taking a pay cut.

List of Reduction in Force:

25 Elementary school teachers

2 High school teachers

40 Instructional assistants

3 MCA (microcomputer analyst)

30 Three hour (part-time) elementary secretaries

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