UPDATE: Search warrants released in Yeardley Love case

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – New details about the day a UVA lacrosse player was found beaten to death in her bed.

A Charlottesville city spokesperson says police have recovered a potential piece of evidence in Yeardley Love's murder.

In search warrants released Thursday, we learned police were looking for a black T-shirt, murder suspect George Huguely says his ex-girlfriend was wearing.

Police found the shirt in crime scene photos, but were unable to retrieve it. The spokesperson says it was returned by Love's family.

A judge forced the release of five search warrant affidavits Thursday. These are documents police and attorneys tried to keep sealed. In these 19 pages, we learn police not only found Huguely's passport in the shorts he was wearing; they also found the keys to his Chevy Tahoe.

In the days following Love's brutal murder, police searched her apartment, her former boyfriend and suspect Huguely's apartment, his car, and Huguely himself. They took DNA swabs, finger nail clippings and hair samples from Huguely.

The crime scene in Love's apartment was violent. According to the warrants Huguely exchanged several e-mails with Love before going to her apartment, kicking in the door and repeatedly slamming her head into a wall. According to the warrants, Huguely told police he saw blood coming from Love's nose before he left her room.

Police took several items from his apartment, including two computers and a handwritten note to Love. More hand written notes were taken out of his vehicle. But police could not find one piece of potential evidence: a black T-shirt that Huguely said Love was wearing the night he left her apartment.

Roommates say they found Love partially nude, wearing only her underwear. According to the warrants, a photo from the crime scene showed a black T-shirt laying on the ground just feet from her body. Police went back, but apparently couldn't find it.

A judge allowed police to keep records on phone and internet searches in this case sealed. Huguely is still in jail without bond and has a hearing in October.

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