July 8: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We contacted a Chesterfield restaurant after it received 11 critical violations on a state health inspection. So they asked the health department to come back out and re-inspect so they would have a chance to do better.

Dragon King Super Buffet at 6443 Centralia Road in Chesterfield had 11 critical violations. The report says several food handlers were handling raw chicken, then other food products and containers without adequate hand washing. The restaurant requested the state re-inspect, which took place three weeks later, and the restaurant had corrected all violations for a perfect score. The restaurant will also send a manager to a serve-safe class.

Moving on in Chesterfield, Aunt Sarah's Restaurant at 6737 Southshore Drive had 4 critical violations, including that sausage links and patties were hold holding at improper temperatures. All violations were corrected during the inspection. A follow-up report is not yet available. The restaurant declined to comment for our report.

And in Henrico, McDonald's at 5520 West Broad Street had 4 critical violations. The inspector wrote that an ice chute had pink slime. This and other violations were corrected right away during the inspection. A follow-up report is not yet available.

This week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Skip Rock Café at 15769 Hampton Forest Drive in Chesterfield. This poolside café has earned perfect scores on it's last 5 of six state health inspections and its staffed by neighborhood kids. Said co-owner Rick DeCosta, "It's all neighborhood children working here, 13 for us, couple of them in college. We have a couple of managers and they have lists they have to go through. They just take care of everything. They do a great job for us."

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