CPSC: 70 kids have drowned in swimming pools since Memorial Day

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) - Along with poolside fun on a summer holiday weekend comes a degree of danger.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning that an extra dose of vigilance is needed as Americans head to swimming pools to cool off and have fun over the Fourth of July weekend.

The CPSC's Kathleen Reilly says people always need to keep an eye on the kids at pools and not get distracted by cell phone calls or reading a book. She says over 70 kids under 15 have drowned in pools since Memorial Day, while another 80 have been rushed to emergency rooms.

Reilly says strong suction around pool drains can trap even good swimmers underwater. Young girls have been unable to surface when their hair was sucked into drains.

There are hazards other than drowning, too. Reilly cautions pool-goers to learn CPR, watch out for slippery wet decks and be careful when diving.

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