Henrico woman accused of stealing credit card information

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The Value City Furniture in the 9200 block of West Broad in Henrico County is where police say 24-year-old Amanda Pulley, an employee, stole credit card information from customers. Investigators say she used the private information to get her hands on more than $700 in cash.

The jig is up for Amanda Pulley. She was arrested Thursday after police say she went shopping on other people's dime.  Police reports indicate sometime between June 21 and June 28 Pulley stole credit card information from some Value City Furniture customers.  Investigators say she then used that information to buy items at the same store before returning the stuff for cash.

Through court documents we know Pulley is charged with 2 counts of credit card larceny, 2 counts of credit card fraud and 3 counts of embezzlement for stealing cash from Value City Furniture.

For 6 years one woman, who didn't want to give her name, has been a loyal customer. She can't believe what happened.

"Shocked. I mean not surprised because it is more common now but, just hate for it to be somewhere you're used to coming," said one shopper. Does it make you think twice about shopping at Value City? "No. I just think people should be very careful."

She is the kind of customer consumer advocates love. She doesn't give credit card information over the phone, and...

"When I'm doing any type of transaction I monitor, I watch what the salesperson is doing with my credit card," said the shopper.

Still, the Better Business Bureau warns: caution is key.

"It means that you simply have to watch your bills scrupulously," said Tom Gallagher with the Better Business Bureau.

And don't be afraid to ask stores how they secure your information. Value City Furniture declined to comment on the investigation. Right now it's unclear who will pay for the unauthorized charges.

Amanda Pulley will be back in Henrico County General District Court August 3.

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