21 gravel roads being resurfaced in Hanover

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – A smoother ride is on the way for dozens of Hanover County residents. A major paving project is underway right as 21 gravel roads are being resurfaced. The project will be completed later this summer.

14 of the roads are already complete and the rest will be finished soon. In the end, at least 100 households in Hanover County will no longer have to travel on a gravel road.

It's a quick 1.4-million dollar project that's being funded by VDOT but facilitated by Hanover County.

"We are able to do these quickly - it doesn't require additional right of way. It doesn't require the relocation of utilities, or even mailboxes, or anything of that nature," said Joe Vidunas, Hanover County's Traffic Engineer.

Thursday, this priming process also took place on nearby Waldrop Lane and Dunn Road. In a few days, crews will be back to put down the final layers, which will end up looking like gravel, not black pavement as you might be used too. It's a concept called rural rustic.

"To preserve the rural character of the road, not change the alignment, not really change anything," said Vidunas.

The concept is simple: improve driving conditions on gravel roads by creating a hard surface, but there's an added benefit. Surfacing these gravel roads will cut down on maintenance responsibility and cost.

"Typically VDOT will come out and grate the road, have to place stone. They won't have to do that any longer," he said.

In order to choose the roads, Hanover County and VDOT looked at all the eligible state maintained unpaved roads. They then polled the residents living along those roads and used that feedback to settle on 21.

"The road in order to qualify has to carry at least 50 vehicle trips per day, which equates to a minimum of 5 property owners using the road," Vidunas said.

All 21 of the gravel roads being paved right now will be complete by mid-August.

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