New details about Appomattox mass murder

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

APPOMATTOX, VA (WWBT) – New details tonight about what happened inside an Appomattox home the day a gunman killed eight people. According to published accounts, the autopsy report shows that at least three dozen shots were fired at the victims. Christopher Speight is charged in those deaths. He was recently ruled incompetent to stand trial.

It was mid-January when gunshots filled the air of the Snapps Mill Road home. Police have said Christopher Speight opened fire because of a family dispute over the home. His sister Lauralee Sipe and her husband Dwayne were found in the living room. She was shot 11 times. The autopsy reports say Dwayne was hit 9 or 10. Their young son, 4-year-old Joshua, died at the top of the stairs. Shot four times.

On the front porch police found two bodies, Speight's 15-year-old niece Morgan Dobyns and family friend, 43-year-old Karen Quarles. Dobyns was shot twice, Quarles, three times. Her 43-year-old husband, Jonathan, made it the roadway, but was hit by four bullets. 15-year-old Bo Scruggs died in the driveway; one bullet to the back. And 15-year-old Emily Quarles was found dead in a vehicle in the driveway.

In all, at least 36 shots were fired. Two neighbors found one of the victims in the roadway

Joyce Randolph said, "While she was calling I got out and walked over. I kept on saying sir are you alright sir? I could tell he was breathing." Tammy Randolph was also there and said, "He had a hood on and the hood was full of blood." Their scary encounter launched a man hunt.

Police say Christopher Speight hid in the woods around the home all night, and quietly turned himself in at daybreak.

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