Chesterfield police offer home security surveys for free

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Your home can always be more secure, especially when you're on a vacation. Maybe your bushes are too high or the locks on your doors aren't good enough. Chesterfield police can tell you what to do for free.

Sneaking around the back of a house Jim Eicher looks like he's up to no good.

"Part of my job is I have to think like an offender," said Eicher.

But he's actually a good guy. He's with the Chesterfield Police Department and conducts home security sweeps for free.

"We'll give you a written assessment so you have everything and you can do things as money becomes available," he said.

But this summer few Chesterfield residents are using the free service.

"It's an opportunity crime and often people, homeowners, will make it easy for an offender and if an incentive is there, and it's easy enough, an offender will take advantage of it," Eicher said.

Today Jim's assessing Matt Neese's home. The father of two installed extra lighting when he and his wife moved in four years ago.

"Often times offenders will break the glass to reach in and turn the thumb latch to gain entry into the home," said Eicher.

Matt now knows to buy a protective film that makes it difficult to shatter glass. Most upgrades are cheap and require little effort.

"For any time of good home security we try and emphasize visibility whether it's lighting landscaping."

Some security pluses at Matt's house - motion-censored lights. As for the bushes along the home, they aren't too high and sit close to the wall.

When it comes to security what grade does this home get? "I'd say it's a C," said Eicher.

"Am I surprised I got a C- not really," said Matt Neese. "But I mean, when you think about it you kind of feel safe and secure."

The survey takes about an hour.

To make an appointment for a home security survey in Chesterfield call 318-8699 and ask to speak with Jim Eicher.

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