Heat makes Innsbrook concert feel like Earth, Wind, and "On" Fire

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The band is not called Earth, Wind, and "on" Fire. It just feels that way.

A concert in Henrico's far West End tonight has organizers concerned about safety because of the heat. As a result, concert-goers are allowed to bring in two 24-ounce bottles of water, in hopes of staying safe.

If Earth, Wind, and Fire is the headliner, then mother nature is the warm-up act.

"Anytime the heat index or the heat's going to be excessive, we'll ask people to bring water with them to the show," said Laurin Willis, concert promoter for Innsbrook After Hours.

Allowing bottled water inside is not unprecedented, but it is rare, because it's not always this hot.

Heat that feels warmer than 100 degrees can be unhealthy. Think: dehydration, especially if you're drinking alcohol. Warning signs include headaches and dizziness.

"If you get to the point that you're really confused, you're a little further along and certainly need to  see somebody in a hurry for that," said Dr. Kenneth Lucas of Patient First, who added that alcohol works like a diuretic, which makes it easier for the body to lose fluids.

People are not the only ones at risk. Take it from someone who knows all about the "dog" days of summer.

"In the heat of the day like this it's best for them [pets] to be inside. If they have to be outside, you've got to make sure they have shade and water," said Donna Anderson of Petite Pet Inn & Spa.

Whether it's in a bowl, or in a pool...water is a good idea, which is why, back at the concert, emergency teams will be ready to treat anyone who hasn't had enough.

"Hopefully, we won't get any, however we're not gonna get just one or two. We're gonna start having large numbers, and we need to be on top of this incident to manage it correctly from the beginning," said Will Shumate of Henrico Fire/EMS.

"We ask the people who are drinking beer and wine to keep listening to the body so that if they feel like they're getting dehydrated that they have the water with them so they can rehydrate," added Willis.

The Innsbrook After Hours concert begins at 7:00 p.m., with Earth, Wind, and Fire taking the stage at approximately 8:00 p.m.

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