Chesterfield school changes

By Melissa Correa- bio / email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT)- After two years of revisions, changes to the Chesterfield School Board's policies are nearly complete. Experts from across the region, helped update the rules that guide the board and the school division. One of them is taking a closer look at grading practices, the other clearly defines who's welcome on campus.

Navid Bakhtisoroush, a math whiz and a 2010 valedictorian, loves numbers, but he knows sometimes grades can vary by class or by school.

"I wonder if I would have been valedictorian if I went to Cosby High School or other high schools," said Navid Bakhtisoroush

Chesterfield's school division doesn't want students like Navid to question their GPA, so during tonight's board meeting, a new grading standards policy was formed.

"What's important is really to ensure uniformity from school to school," said school division spokesman Shawn Smith.

Beginning July 1st a committee of school staff and county residents will look at how quizzes, reports and tests are weighed.

This committee comes with a fee of $5500 plus $22 per hour for some members and will take two years to complete.

"We think that it is a very valuable investment, a very minor investment to ensure uniformity across the board."

An investment already paying off- the Raptor visitor monitoring system.

"What it allows us to do is to check our visitors against the registry for sex offenders as well as persons who are unauthorized to be on school property."

Over the course of this school year, the technology was installed at every single school. Shawn Smith says it works.

Tonight, a new visitor policy was approved to reflect the requirements for Raptor: visitors must check in and swipe a photo ID.

"Once it's in writing, there are certain expectations that those policies be followed as they've been established and voted on by our school board."

In addition to approving policy, the school board approved taking a 2% pay cut-just like all employees will take. That takes effect July 1st.

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