Reaction to arrests in Cosby vandalism case

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Surprise from people who know some of the four teens charged in the Cosby High School vandalism case.

The 18-year-old suspects are Sean Cummings, Christian Evers, Michael Ramkey Junior and Nicholas Rosswog. All four just graduated from Cosby. Some neighbors say two are quote "good kids", while others say authorities are coming down too hard for a senior prank.

Once the talk of school, now the internet.

"Now it's been on facebook like, oh my gosh they found who did it," said Tara Parker, who went to Cosby.

Celebratory balloons great visitors where neighbors say one of the suspects lives, Michael Ramkey Junior. No answer at the front door. Ramkey, Sean Cummings, Christian Evers and Nicholas Rosswog surrendered last Friday.

All four are accused of spray painting obscene and other offensive drawings on Cosby High School on June 10. Damage was estimated at $5,000.

"You're going to college. It's a new fresh start and you're starting off with a felony on your record," said Parker.

Both Parker and Karen Kramowloski live near Rosswog.

"I'm very surprised it was him that had anything to do with it. I can't see him doing that," said Kramowloski who graduated from Cosby two years ago.

Chesterfield police anticipate more arrests.

"I'm sure if they've done it, I'm sure they're worried and nervous as crap," said Parker.

Parker, who went to Cosby, says the four should pay for the crime, but not with jail time.

"Community service definitely. If you're going to vandalize your own school you've got to have some kind of consequence," said Parker.

Police say they hope others will learn from the mistakes of these four teens. But Kramowloski doubts it.

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