Belvidere Street to be repaved; work slightly delayed

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Starting this week, although a few days later than anticipated, crews in Richmond will be working on a major repaving project on Belvidere Street between the Lee Bridge and Interstate 95.

The work was supposed to begin today, but now crews say it will start sometime this week. Despite that, the work should still be complete by the scheduled completion date of July 9.

Those big old bumps and cracks that you are so used to driving over on Belvidere Street are about to change, as the road will be repaved.

Thousands of cars travel on Belvidere every day and many of them play"Dodge the Pothole."

But it may be the construction cones that Kimberly Stewart will be dodging soon.

"That is going to be terrible! For people who want to get to the Southside, people who want to use the bridge, that's going to be a problem," says Stewart.

The repaving project is part of a five-year plan, to fix 25 percent of Richmond's city and neighborhood streets.

"We know a lot of streets are bad. The public knows the streets are bad. We are just trying to help mediate that situation," says Sharon North with the Dept. of Public Works.

This year alone, between now and October, crews will be spending about $6 million to fix the roads.

Stewart is so tired of the way the roads are now, she knows the traffic the next few weeks is well worth it. "The outcome is going to be fabulous. And, make the city look good."

She already knows how good the streets are getting. You see, Kimberly lives along Cumberland Street, where crews are putting the final touches on a new smooth ride.

Gene asking, "I'm sure you are hoping Belvidere Street is the same way?"

Kimberly: "I'm crossing my fingers and please make it quick."

"Once we are in and out, you won't have to worry about us coming in for a while," says North.

The work Belvidere is starting a few days later than expected. But crews say they are still pretty much on schedule to finish on time.

"We had to slow down a little bit to let everyone get around with the graduations that were taking place. Of course we don't want to have the streets all crazy," adds North.

Although traffic may be crazy during the work on Belvidere, there is one good thing: no parking restrictions since you can't park on the road anyway.

"If you have road rage, I would avoid this area at all costs," exclaims Kimberly.

Right now, work is underway to repaves Monument between Thompson and the Boulevard. That should wrap up this Friday.

Work is wrapping up right now on Parkwood and Cumberland between Belvidere and Meadow.

Once these three major projects are done, crews will then go into the neighborhood streets to repave. For a complete list of this year's projects, click under All Access. Roads to be repaved between 2011 and 2014 have not been finalized just yet.

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