Recent violence has apartment complex on edge

By Matt Butner - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Residents of a Chesterfield apartment complex are fed up with a recent rash of violence. An armed robbery last night at the Regency Lake apartments is the latest setback for the community.

When Amanda James moved in to Regency Lake a year ago, she says things were quiet along Meadowdale Boulevard- but that has changed in the last few months.

"All this stuff going on over here- it has me on edge all the time," said James.

Thursday night, an armed robbery ended with a man shot in the head with what police say was a small caliber or pellet gun. That victim was lucky to survive- but that robbery was just the latest incident.

Chesterfield police say they have increased uniformed and plainclothes patrols in this neighborhood, and they're working with apartment management to identify any possible criminal element.

One thing they are looking at is a series of Youtube videos that appear to show large groups of people fighting in the neighborhood. One video shows two young men fighting, then several others jumping in and pummeling one of the combatants.

Police say they are committed to cleaning up the neighborhood.

That's good news to Amanda James and her sister Gabrielle. They live together, along with Amanda's young daughter.

"I just keep to myself, me and my baby, and when something's going on out here, we're in the house," said Amanda.

The James sisters say many of their concerns center on a new crowd that's been hanging around-- they say it's a rowdy one, made up mostly of young men.

"When they walk through I hear a lot of chaos, and I have to occasionally open my door, look out to see what's going on," Gabrielle said.

In light of recent violent events, Gabrielle and Amanda are relieved that someone is trying to make their neighborhood safer.

"I just pray and hope the police stay on top of what they're doing, and I hope it gets better," said Amanda.

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