Randolph Street improvements

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – Residents living along Randolph Street in Ashland are calling for change. They have cited three main concerns: sidewalks, sewage and drainage.

Residents say there are dozens of school children in the neighborhood and most folks walk to work, so they need sidewalks. The Mayor of Ashland says the issue has perfect timing.

"We have the children walking in the street. We have the adults walking in the street. It's a dangerous situation," said resident Hal Baker.

"We have a work session to talk about sidewalks, and we've invited them to come along and make their case about why they should be the next folks in town to get sidewalks," said Ashland Mayor Faye Prichard.

Randolph Residents say their most urgent needs deal with sewage. The current sewage system for Randolph Street was installed back in the 50's, when there were less than a dozen homes on the road. Residents say more homes and an apartment complex has been overwhelming the system for years and creating problems.

"I, myself and my wife, have had raw sewage in our house; not every day, but two or three times a year, that's untenable," said Baker.

Hanover County handles Ashland's public utilities and is investigating the issue.

"They have put cameras down in the lines to see what is going on in these old lines. We look forward to finding out exactly what the deal is and ascertaining what we can do about the situation," said Board Chairman Ed Via.

Drainage concerns were also brought up, as residents all throughout Ashland see yard flooding after storms. Town leaders say that's a bigger issue, and will take longer to investigate. Neighbors are thrilled the ball is rolling but hope to see results on all these things sooner than later.

"We are looking for action, and we want somebody to do something," Baker said.

Bottom line, it looks like a lot of attention will be paid to Randolph Street in the coming months and residents will likely see some key changes by the end of the year.

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