New campaign to get rid of mosquitoes in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Even in dry weather, you could have standing water in your yard. And that could attract one of Chesterfield's biggest public enemy's -- the Asian tiger mosquito. But a new campaign aims to stop the bug before it even hatches.

Pick-a day and "Fight the bite". It's a simple message Chesterfield County hopes residents take to heart.

The weapon- dumping out stored water. Even if it's just a tablespoon, experts say that alone can drastically decrease the mosquito population.

Nancy Rose just can't catch a break.

"They're just- they're everywhere!" she said. "Always itching. Always covered with mosquito bites. Welts around the ankles."

Every summer the Bon Air gardener dreads walking outdoors because of this guy: the Asian tiger mosquito, covered in his signature white stripes. This type of mosquito is responsible for the most insect complaints in Chesterfield.

"A lot of times the complaints are because of a ditch or something behind a house or a marshy area. But these particular mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitoes, won't breed in those locations. They only breed in artificial containers or places that don't have a soil sub straight," said Susan Edwards.

Susan Edwards with the county's extension office hopes the new campaign "Fight the bite" motivates people to throw out standing water; potential breeding ground for mosquitoes between April and October.

"It takes 10-14 days for the larvae to develop into adults," said Edwards.

Tossing water once a week prevents eggs from hatching. The interesting thing about Asian tiger mosquitoes is they don't have a huge range so once they hatch they're going to hang around bushes and stay in the shade. And they can attack at all hours of the day so watch out.

Nancy's now on the lookout, and says she's noticed a huge difference.

"Areas that I never thought would be problem areas, I've discovered are problem areas," Nancy said.

Nancy now checks tree cavities, bird baths, and planters.

"If we just do a little bit of work, we can help to decrease the numbers," Edwards said.

Asian tiger's can be carriers of West Nile and are known to pass dog heart worm. They're said to have immigrated from Asia to Texas in the 80's, eventually making their way here.

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Tired of being bit by mosquitoes all day?  Asian tiger mosquitoes are a common complaint during the summer months.  These mosquitoes are vectors of West Nile Virus and dog heartworm, and also affect quality of life, making it hard to enjoy the outdoors in the summer.  Learn easy ways to help reduce the population of day-biters (Asian Tiger Mosquito) in your yard.

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