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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – The Hanover County Board of Supervisors has adopted new guidelines when it comes to development in historic areas. These guidelines are not strict rules, but instead standards that will govern future development near places like the Historic Pole Green Church Foundation. Hanover County leaders say this is a great way to monitor an area's transition from rural to suburban.

You don't have to drive far in Hanover county to see vastly different areas, some urban, some suburban, some rural. And Hanover leaders want to keep it that way. Part of the county's charm is being able to shop along Bell Creek but then head just a couple miles away and visit historic sites.

Supervisors have now endorsed a report recommending standards and guidelines for any future development in the historic areas of Studley, Rural Point, and Pole Green roads.

"What we will be looking to do using these guidelines is make sure the architecture is within keeping with the historic character, and that landscaping, buffers, any fencing and other amenities have elements that reflect the historic area," said Deputy Planning Director David Maloney.

The guidelines will come into play during the rezoning process, which is almost always the first step in any development request. The standards will be used to negotiate with developers: the whole idea being to maintain Hanover County's integrity while protecting sites like this civil war trail.

"America is a new country, but we are very rich in history and in Virginia, this party in particular, it's truly the cradle of America, and that's an area that if we don't protect and utilize now, it's going to be lost to future generations," said Maloney.

There are no pending development applications in any of Hanover's historic areas right now, but the Planning Department will start using the new guidelines as soon as one comes in.

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