Winning some cash for cleaning up the James on Saturday

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It is going to be another beautiful weekend, and you can do your part by helping to clean up the James River. If you do so, you could possibly win $100 in the process!

This is the 11th annual James River Clean Up, sponsored by the James River Advisory Council. But, this year, for the first time, the James River Association is placing 5 wooden discs into the mix, each worth $100.

Chances are when you've gone down to the James River, you've probably seen trash in and around the river. This goal this weekend is to get rid of as much trash, as possible.

Dylan Norvell is sending these kids off for a 5 mile kayak on the James, just a few hours before he will likely be helping to clean up the water.

"I've done the clean up before. We've found tires, all sorts of really of really gross stuff. It can cut your feet, shoes are a must - you got wear shoes now," said Dylan.

A scary reality for people just looking to have a little fun. So, on Saturday, the James River Advisory Council will once again be sponsoring a Central Virginia-wide cleanup of the James River. More than 1000 people are signed up to clean up and maybe even cash in!

"With the incentive of $100, especially during these tough economic times, people will likely come out volunteer and win some money," added Norvell.

"People will definitely be out looking for them because it's $100 if you find one tomorrow. So, who couldn't use $100?" said Michelle Kokolis, with the James River Association.

For the first time ever, the James River Association will help you cash in, by finding one of the five wooden discs.

"We threw these 2 miles upstream from the river, but eventually they are going to end up in the river," added Kokolis.

The reason they did that was to point out something that just may not necessarily cross your mind: "No matter where you live what you put in your yard, what you throw out your car window is going to land in the river," said Kokolis.

Registration for the clean up starts at 8:30 Saturday morning if you are not already signed up. It ends at 1 p.m. and there will be a lunch served afterwards.

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