Medicare recipients watch out for scammers

By Evrod Cassimy- bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The checks started going out today for qualifying medicare recipients. There shouldn't be any confusion about who gets it. If you qualify, it'll come to you, so don't be fooled by scammers trying to take advantage.

The biggest thing eligible recipients need to know is that in order to receive the money they don't have to do anything. That's the biggest thing to remember if someone's tries to use this rebate to commit fraud.

More than 91,000 Virginia senior citizens will soon receive a check for $250 to help cover the cost of prescription drugs. This money will come automatically from Medicare beginning Thursday, but seniors are warned about possible scams.

"Nobody's going to be coming to your door. Nobody's going to be calling you about this. Nobody's going to ask you to fill out any forms. You're going to get a check and you do with that check as you wish," said Tom Gallagher with the Better Business Bureau.

Under President Obama's new health care law, seniors whose prescription drugs cost just under $6,500 are eligible.

The rebate check is aimed at eliminating the so called doughnut hole that requires recipients to pay for prescriptions out of pocket once their costs exceed a certain amount for the year.

If anyone contacts your regarding this rebate, you are encouraged to end any communication with the individual and call police. Never give them any of your personal information and or money.

If you have further questions about the rebate, contact your Medicare provider.

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