Short Pump jogger fights off attacker whose genitals were exposed

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Scary moments for a Short Pump woman who says she was attacked while on a morning jog near Lauderdale Drive and Park Terrace Drive. Tonight, police say they're treating this as an assault, and, exposure case, because when the woman tried to fight back, it turns out the man wasn't entirely covered up.

It's a crime that is as stunning, as it is the upscale, private, and peaceful Wellesley neighborhood.

Police say a woman was on a mid-morning jog, when she saw a man walking toward her. She said, "Good morning". But police say the man, all of a sudden, shoved her backward. Police say the woman responded with a push of her own...only to notice the man's genitals were exposed.

"Kind of, just, you know...shocked. You don't really hear that kind of thing going on in our neighborhood," said Wellesley resident Sharon Sachdeva.

After the initial tussle, police say the man tried to run away, so the woman and a passerby chased him. Police say the man then got into a pickup truck, and drove out of sight.

Those who grew up in the area say it makes them think twice about their personal safety, which they usually don't have to do.

"I was shocked. It's such an odd crime. I definitely wouldn't go jogging here without my dog now, or at least somebody with me to keep me safe," said Mei Tu, who lives nearby.

"It's such a nice neighborhood, you've never ever heard of anything happen," said Jonathan Davis who also lives nearby.

The Wellesley neighborhood association was made aware of the incident shortly after it happened. Residents were notified, and the community's neighborhood watch program remains on alert. It may be just an isolated incident...but it's still scary, even to those who weren't involved.

"Maybe, [in the future] walk with a friend, which I do sometimes. I feel pretty safe, mostly, you know," Sachdeva said.

Henrico Police are looking for a person who fits this description: Hispanic male. Approximately 6' tall and 230 pounds, wearing white painter-style pants and a dingy white t-shirt. Police say he was driving a pickup truck. If you have information that can help, call Henrico Police at 501-5000 or Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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