Thieves steal HVAC unit and other large items from home

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond Police are investigating a bizarre burglary.  Thieves hit a home in Northside and walked off with some heavy items including the refrigerator and washing machine.  This happened on the 1000 block of Young Street in Richmond, while the homeowner was away.  Police say crooks never take a vacation and a home left vacant for a few days, is just too tempting.

Carl Scott had locked the door and every window, except for one.  He hadn't visited the home he owns on Young Street after the latest tenants moved out a month ago.  Upon his return, he noticed there had been some unexpected and unwanted visitors.

"I came home and noticed that the air conditioning unit was missing outside, so I knew it was trouble," Scott said.

When he continued to explore, Scott noticed other problems.  The washing machine and lawn mower he kept under the car port had disappeared.  When he went inside, he noticed a refrigerator and 200 records were also gone.

"It's a bad feeling," he said.  "It's pretty disheartening."

Richmond Police said while the items stolen from Scott's home may seem unusual, thieves are after the precious metals inside.  The pieces can net quite a profit at a recycling plant.

And because of that, Sgt. Michael Talley told NBC12 Scott's home isn't the only target.  Thieves are constantly casing neighborhoods for their next gold mine.

"Just like you and I get up every day to go to work, unfortunately there are some criminals that get up thinking about what their jobs are for the day," he said.

The Richmond Police Department's Vacation Watch program is an extra precaution.  It's like having a babysitter for your home.  Officers will come by once before midnight and once after midnight every day you're gone.  They're looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"It's always good to have an extra set of eyes," said Larry Floyd who lives around the corner from Scott's home.  "It's always good to have somebody looking out for you, no matter what."

Click here for the signup sheet for the Vacation Watch Program.  You can drop it off, email or fax it to police.

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