Pig loose after truck overturns

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – The ramp from Interstate 95 North to 288 is back open Tuesday morning after a truck carrying 80 pigs overturned.

One pig out of 80 got loose. Forty-six out of the 80 pigs died in the crash, with 19 of them having to be euthanized.

"The one animal that got out of the truck is just sitting down in the ravine, (and) from what I understand eating the watermelon from a truck that wrecked here a few days ago," said spokesperson for the pig owners, Marybeth Williams, of Murphy Brown LLC.

Rotten watermelon sits on the hill of the ramp where another truck overturned carrying the fruit this past Friday. While the 400 to 700 pound hog ate, crews worked to remove the truck and see what's left of the animals inside.

"We will build a little corral, open the trailer, and bring the animals out," said Williams. "They will be reloaded on another truck and move on with their destination."

The driver of the truck, 37-year-old Jonathan Leggett, had nothing to say when we asked him about the accident. State police cited him for reckless driving however, and failure to maintain proper control.

"On this particular ramp is 35 miles per hour, we want to remind motorists to be aware of all the signage on the roadway and that signage is there for your safety and you need to heed the warning," said Virginia State Police Sergeant Thomas Molnar.

Nearly 40 gallons of fuel was spilled because of the crash. Thankfully, Legget was not hurt.

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