BP gas prices staying consistent

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – While the amount of BP oil spilling into the gulf continues to increase, the prices at most BP gas stations here in Richmond have stayed about the same. This came as a surprise to people who stopped by their local BP for gas Wednesday.

"I would think that they would raise the prices a little bit at least to try and cover some of the cost, but again they probably have so much money due to the outrageous prices we've been having they may not need to," said BP customer, Frank Governali.

Gas prices at BP's averaged about $2.57 in the city. A spokesperson for the Virginia Petroleum Convenience and Grocery Association explains why the spill hasn't change the price at the pump.

"There are about 38,000 off shore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and they are 40% of the domestic production in the United States each day," said spokesman, Michael O'Conner. "It's really statistically insignificant when one of those rigs goes down on prices."

O'Connor has found the time when prices are most affected is when there's a hurricane in the gulf. A weather event like that can shut down all the rigs, pipelines and refineries, causing gas prices to sky rocket. For Governali, the cost of gas Wednesday at BP proved better despite what was going on down south.

"I know that BP is cheaper than some other places right now," said Governali. "I've noticed that."

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