Social media abuzz over boycotting of BP

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - While the oil continues to spill out into the Gulf of Mexico, the frustrations of many are spilling out online.

Just a quick search on Twitter and you can find message after message after message of people wanting you to boycott British Petroleum products.

"I think I will," says Robert Alley. "Because of the environmental disaster caused by that."

"I've been using BP gas for years and I just happen to go to the stations. I know a BP guy who owns a station locally in Bon Air and I try to support him," says Kathy Roberson.

Ron Jones manages three BP gas stations in and around Richmond. He explains, a boycott on the BP company itself, is different than boycotting this station.

"By boycotting us as a locally owned business we have local employees, we get the gas through a supplier that is BP gas. We're not actually associated with BP, except for selling their gas," says Ron.

The state tells us, all of the BP stations in Central Virginia are just like Ron's, locally owned, not owned by BP.

"If we lose a lot of business, we'll have to cut back on employee's hours so mainly, the employees are going to lose out," says Jones. Luckily, that hasn't happened yet and Jones says he is not seeing a drop off in business.

So some are sticking with BP through this sticky situation, but others, along with some on Twitter and Facebook, are looking for another option to fill up their tank.

We did ask the state if other BP stations are suffering from the social media boycott idea, and the spill itself, but we are told the state does not track that information.

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