Mother's Day robbery suspects captured

Dwayne Phillips
Dwayne Phillips
Jerome D. "Jack" Smith
Jerome D. "Jack" Smith

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – An armed robbery in Richmond leads to the arrest of four people, and the discovery of what police believe to be an undercover drug operation. It all happened on Mother's Day, and now, 10 days later, police have the suspects behind bars.

The police investigation led to the discovery of 3 semi automatic handguns, 15 grams of marijuana and 30 grams of crack cocaine. They believe those involved were planning to deliver.

22-year-old Dwayne Phillips and 22-year-old Jerome Smith are 2 of the men Richmond police officers believe to be involved in a Mother's Day armed robbery. They were arrested just 10 days after the incident in Richmond's Fulton neighborhood.

"In about the 1300 block of Garber Street there was a motorist stopped there. While in Garber Street this motorist was approached by several males produced a fire arm and robbed the 2 passengers at gunpoint," said Lt. Emmett Williams, Richmond Police Department.

Phillips and Smith were 2 adults in a group of four investigators believed to be involved in the crime.

After getting a search warrant, police entered 1308 Garber Street where they found one of the suspects they were looking for in connection with that robbery. They also found drug paraphernalia and plenty of gun ammunition.

"They (the drug paraphernalia and gun ammunition) were wet. They were in the water retention well of the toilet in the bathroom, wrapped in a white towel," said Williams.

The cash, gun and drugs found allowed police to charge smith with multiple offenses including intent to deliver. Neighbors, who asked we not reveal their identity, have seen a lot of this type of activity in the area.

"I'm not surprised about the drugs because there's a lot of traffic. We went through a period for about a month and a half to two months where nobody could park on the streets that basically lived here because they had so many cars going in and out of the house," said one neighborhood.

No one was home when we knocked on the door. People in the neighborhood are just thankful police have the suspects behind bars.

Officers spent nearly 40 hours over the course of just ten days investigating this crime. They're confident that they have all the suspects in custody.

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