Healing power of faith: Woman treats people with anointing oil

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - From time to time all of us need healing.

While modern medical treatment often holds the key to what ails us, some believe having faith in a higher power can help move any medical mountain.

Two breast cancer survivors say they're alive, in part, because of faith and an oil made by a South Carolina woman.

"Everyday, everyday…they call me Greasy Mary…everybody knows Ms. G.," said Linda Gadson, the maker of Hallelujah Oil.

How did Gadson earn this nickname? You'll find the answer sitting inside a basket at her house. Bottles containing Hallelujah Anointing Oil.

In 1986, Gadson began making the oil. She says the idea came to her early one morning while she prayed and God spoke to her.

"He said there's an oil that I'm going to give you that you can use to anoint people with the oil and I heard and just began to do what He said," Gadson said.

For almost 40 years, Gadson says she's been doing God's work through the rural mission, an organization serving low-income families. Her second job is at home --  in a prayer room you'll find pictures and stacks of yellow notebooks listing the names of people who have come to her for help.

"Everybody and anybody. I anoint, I always do that (takes a swig of oil) first to let them know that it's no poison," she said.

"I don't give anybody false hope. I make it clear to them, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a healer. Hallelujah but I know God has used me mightily as an instrument," she said.

The oil is made up of olive oil, rosemary, and it also has kosher salt in it, but Linda says it's the prayer she says before administering it that makes it work.

Two breast cancer patients say they're still alive because of daily applications of the oil to their skin and modern treatment.

"I believe it was a combination of all of it, honey, and with prayers and stuff -- all of it," said Edith White, who uses anointing oil.

Interviewer: "Do you think you would have survived without the oil?"

Edith: "I don't know."

"A lot of people say I'm lucky," Gadson said. "I'm not lucky. I'm blessed because the simple fact is I'm still here."

For 20 years, Dr. Dana King has studied religion and healing. He says studies show a strong faith will not cure cancer but can help decrease side effects.

"You will be more likely to have fewer complications, less anxiety, less depression, and less pain if you are a person of faith than not," King said.

Gadson practices what she preaches. In 2006 before heading into heart surgery, she put a lot of faith in the oil.

"The Lord had already told me to have the anesthesiologist to anoint my feet every hour on the hour -- now that was crazy to tell a medical doctor like him but I did."

During that surgery Gadson says she flat lined twice when her lung collapsed, but says it was the oil and faith that helped save her life. Now she is determined to share the gift from above.

"I'm on a mission and that mission is to change the lives of people who have been hopeless," she said.

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