Crooks steal from 23 cars in one Chesterfield neighborhood

By Laura Geller - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield police are stepping up patrols in the Jessup Place neighborhood after crooks stole from twenty three cars. Cruisers will be checking out the surrounding neighborhoods as well, because whoever pulled off these heists... Is still out there!

It is quiet suburbia... A place like many in Chesterfield County, where residents don't think twice when parking their cars in their own driveways. The feeling of safety was shaken Sunday morning as Edwayne Jackson and more than a dozen others awoke to a shocking discovery.

Jackson's cars were parked in the driveway... He locked all the doors and trunks the night before, but that didn't stop the thieves.

"Everything was trashed," said Jackson, "they took the papers out of the glove compartment, threw it all over the floor."

Here's the strange thing Tyrone Barnes and his son Detrick Houchins saw when they checked on the cars they also had locked. While the vehicles were broken into... Nothing was actually broken.

"The doors were glass broken, but they had ransacked the whole truck. And the alarm systems were on but they just got in there," said Barnes.

Other residents we spoke to tell similar stories-- many of the vehicles even had alarms that never sounded, leading Barnes to think...

"This had to be somebody that actually knew what they were doing...this was really a good job, they knew what they were doing."

Police estimate thieves struck between one a.m. and five a.m. Only three cars had broken windows and a couple more had unlocked doors.

Residents say they've never experienced anything like this... The robberies so close to home, making them feel violated.

Thieves stole items like lap tops, car stereos and GPS units from almost two dozen vehicles in the Jessup Place Neighborhood.

People were shocked so many cars were broken into-- police say, if the criminals are able to move around without being detected, they'll stick around longer.

Chesterfield police say porch lights and censors on security lights could help deter this kind of widespread incident.

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