Party Patrol in full force this weekend

By: Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One phone call to the Fan District Party Patrol could end this weekend's festivities.

The hotline is active most Fridays and Saturdays during the school year, but the neighborhood association is expecting extra calls and will also be on alert Sunday night as grads celebrate.

Anyone who has a college degree knows, it can seem like a long road to graduation.

For VCU grad Nathan Conway, that throw-down is going to be a party with family and friends.

"I'm definitely glad to be done," he said. "It's been a long four years and I'm ready to have a throw-down. I definitely will be happy to see everyone, get a chance to talk with people and catch up with everyone before going out for the summer and starting the rest of my life."

Conway doesn't think the Fan district's Party Patrol will need to come to the gathering at his grandfather's house.

But the hotline is open for residents to call in complaints.

Here's how it works; residents hear a party or some situation that is too loud and could get out of hand.

They call the Party Patrol and get a direct line to an off-duty Richmond officer who will get all the information and then check out the situation.

John Gilbody says the association isn't trying to spoil the fun.

"They want to have a party, they can certainly do so," he said. "When they have 150 people in a two bedroom apartment and it's spilling out in the street and waking up the entire neighborhood, that's a different problem."

But some residents tell us, it would be nice to give students just one weekend to celebrate the huge accomplishment of graduation.

"The students provide the diversity and some of the creativity that make the Fan what it is today," said long-time Fan resident William Lee Wienckowski.

Gilbody says when they're partying, it's that diversity students need to keep in mind.

"They just need to understand that they need to keep it down late at night so that we can all live together in this neighborhood and enjoy each other's company," he said.

The direct line to an off-duty cop frees up patrol officers to make regular calls, instead of checking on every noise complaint.

The number is 804-549-6962.

After Sunday, the Party Patrol hotline will not be active again until the fall semester begins.

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