Louisa County man gets two life sentences for child abuse

Clevis Conn
Clevis Conn

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

LOUISA COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A Louisa County man convicted of sexually abusing a child is now locked up for good. 50-year-old Clevis Conn was sentenced to two life terms in prison today. Prosecutors say he'll never be able to hurt another child.

Residents in the Peace Grove neighborhood know exactly who Clevis Conn is. They've seen him fishing by the lake. Some even hired Conn to do odd jobs, never did they expect he could be convicted of such awful crimes against a child.

Down the road from Clevis Conn's house is where Carol Bennett and her family live. She said, she first met Conn a few years ago when he was new to the neighborhood. She said she remembers children playing in his yard.

"You're never glad when something like this happens, I think it was something that was necessary," said neighbor, Carol Bennett.

The two consecutive life terms and a $95,000 fine are what the jurors believed was necessary too.

"We didn't even ask for a fine, but I think that's a message on how the jury felt," said Deputy Commonwealths Attorney of Louisa County, Rusty McGuire.

Conn had previously been convicted of murder and sexual offenses in West Virginia.

"The jury heard the evidence during the trial, which did not take them long to convict him, but after hearing his previous murder conviction, previous sexual assault convictions, they gave him just about the maximum sentence," said McGuire.

But in this case, the child was a girl in her pre-teens occasionally under the care of Conn. During a jury trial in March, the child described two sexual assaults that happened in 2008. Prosecutors say they're pleased the sentences will run without the eligibility of parole.

"The children are safer with Clevis Conn behind bars," said McGuire.

We went to Conn's house where we briefly spoke with his mother-in-law. She refused to go on camera but said she doesn't believe he did any of the things for which he's now behind bars.

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