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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The economic downturn has made saving money chic and turned coupon clipping into an art form. We met one local lady who is mastering the art of saving with some good old fashion organization and planning. In today's More Bang For Your Buck we see how to get great deals on things you not only need, but really want.

Debbie Chandler knew she needed to save money after her husband got hurt and their income took a hit.

"We were just really struggling to get by week to week. Now I actually have families that I give food to," said Debbie.

We went shopping at Target so Debbie could show us the secrets to her couponing success. Organization is key; Debbie uses a three-ring binder to keep her coupons close at hand.

"These are just baseball card holders and then all I have done is put tabs on them with all the different sections that I have," she said.

So what deals did Debbie find? Her first pick...Benadryl Itch Sticks priced at $2.29 each.

"The normal price would be $4.58 for two of them, but the coupon is $5, so they're gonna adjust it you just got two Benadryl Itch Sticks for free," said Debbie.

Next we hit the pet aisle where Debbie shows us one of her favorite tricks called stacking.

"Whatever is on sale you can match it with the coupon, then if you can stack with another coupon there's triple savings," she said. "They're on sale this week for $3.49. It's take a dollar off any Pedigree Dentastix Treats...and then on top of that we have a Dentastix $2.00 off that is a manufactures coupon. So, now we have an item that was $3.49 and we're getting it for .49 cents."

Debbie looks for products that reward purchases with Target gift cards to maximize savings.

"We get two of the Venus Breeze at $7.00 each...we take the two $2.00 off, that's gonna bring it down to $10.00. Then we're gonna get a $5.00 gift card back so now we've brought it down to $5.00 for 2 of them which means they are $2.50 a piece," said Debbie.

After saving on coffee, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies Debbie's total is $34.37. Then the coupons come out.

"This is the fun part, just watching it go down," she said.

The final tally - $12.10 with a $5.00 gift card for her next trip.

"$7.10 is what we actually spent today, which is normally the cost of one single razor that we bought. Wow, we saved $24.69. Isn't that great."

Debbie gives couponing classes around town and also holds budgeting classes. She offers coupons and more on her website

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