UPDATE: Downtown club to surrender ABC license

By Laura Geller - bio | email
By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Club Rendezvous this morning agreed to surrender its ABC license and is closing the club.

The ABC Board withdrew the pending 11 charges but has the right to reinstate them if the club tries to get their license back.

Club Rendezvous faced the violations after violence erupted after several "teen parties" at the downtown Richmond club. Some of those violations allege there was underage drinking inside the club.

The last time Club Rendezvous had a teen party, police swarmed this area and arrested two teens after gunshots rang out. With the threat of danger when these teen parties end, what's the appeal? Why risk going behind the velvet ropes?

"A lot of people is gonna be there. It's gonna be hype," said 16-year-old Damonae Smith.

But a gathering of teenagers is never supposed to end like one did in April and again in May. They are meant to be fun -- a release of sorts.

"We be sitting in the house all week doing school work then the weekend come and there's nothing to do and you just go to parties and hang out with your friends," said Nadirah Bull.

Smith and Bull like to dance and meet new people and with the security at the doors they think they are doing it safely.

"I've been to a lot of parties and they checked our purses and stuff. You open your bag as you go, they just pat you down," said Smith.

Sometimes the kids bring what Nadirah and Damonae call "nonsense from the neighborhood" to the party.

"You could do something like bump somebody or something and they get mad at you.  You look at them wrong. It's like little things," said Smith. "They just don't get no attention and feel as if they have to do something, something like shooting to scare somebody."

But the two Huguenot High students say closing a club like Rendezvous, or stopping the parties altogether, isn't a solution.

"Parents should be more involved, knowing where their kids are, knowing when it starts, knowing when it ends, things like that," said Smith.

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