Control government spending through votes online

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Lawmakers are asking for you to cast a vote, in a different kind of way. A website has been set up for you to vote on what areas you think spending can be cut.

The new web site is called 'You Cut.' Thousands of votes are coming in by the hour. It allows you at home, to tell your lawmakers what cuts you think need to be made to control spending -- and balance the budget.

Billions of dollars, a countless number of programs -- from the president's election fund to community development grants and more. These possible cuts, are all just a click of the mouse away from Capitol Hill.

"Everyone across this country is having to tighten their belt in these tough economic times and Washington hasn't seen it yet, or have gotten a clue about it yet," says Republican Eric Cantor.

So you can help guide those you elected. Every week this site will feature five different options to cut, what Cantor calls an effort to change the culture in Washington. "To reign in the scope of the federal government and to put the power back with the people again."

You can either vote online or text in your vote. Once the votes are counted, House Republicans will force the most popular option to be voted on, in Washington. A vote of yes or no will ensure, on whether to bring the people's choice to full debate.

Cantor feels this site will work. "Given the magnitude of the problem and given that America really is at a crossroads, we got to do everything we can to engage the public to affect this kind of change," says Cantor.

If you do not like the five choices you see from week to week, you can even submit your own suggestion.

The House Republican Economic Recovery Group will review those choices and you may even see yours on this site someday.

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