Shockoe Bottom event mostly trouble-free

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A mostly trouble-free night in Richmond's Shockoe Bottom where hundreds turned out for several after-parties following a Chris Brown concert.

Police beefed up their presence to deter crime, but business owners want a long term solution.

There are reports of just one arrest for disorderly conduct.

 The neighborhood association president says it would be too costly to keep up that kind of police presence.

Monday night, business owners will talk to city leaders about changes they'd like to see.

 No crime scene tape, or bloodshed.

By mid-morning Sunday--- what spelled out on a club marquee --- seemed to be the only evidence left of the Shockoe Bottom Shutdown event.

Saturday night into overnight Sunday, Richmond police saturated the popular night spot-- their presence later followed by street cleaning crews.

 "It was so many we were just coming down broad and they were coming from everywhere," said 18 year old reveler Joniqua Mattoa.

"I was like why is there a need for all these police out here," said Mattoa's friend Genai Poward.

"It was crowded but police had a good grip on it," said David Napier, a Shockoe Bottom business owner and neighborhood association president.

The only arrest reported apparently involved a man and Richmond's Mounted Patrol.

"I didn't actually see the guy hit the horse on the nose but if that's the worst that happens down here we're okay with that," said Napier.

Napier says the security plan was effective but still has concerns.

"I think it's very expensive and unsustainable situation from the city standpoint that's why we're hoping the mayor said he would move a night club ordinance forward," said Napier.
Napier believes a 21 and up requirement for clubs would help make the area safer.

 "There are good healthy activities for those under 21 but a bar serving alcohol, those places are strictly there to serve alcohol," said Napier.

"I don't think blocking 21 and up is going to solve the violence it's just going to go back in the streets," said Poward.
Shockoe Bottom residents and business owners will meet with city leaders Monday night at six.

Meantime, the city administration plans to introduce a night club ordinance at the May 24 city council meeting

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