New information on Chesterfield shooting victim

Crystal Snipes
Crystal Snipes

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – New developments tonight in the fatal shooting of a Chesterfield woman. The suspect in this case, 28-year-old Douglas Eroughty, has died from his injuries. This comes as the family begins to break the news to the other two victims in all this -- the children.

"You don't know how heart-jerking it is to hear your 6-year-old grandson say mama's gone, and then have to tell him mama is in heaven with Jesus, but she'll always be in your hearts," Danny Snipes said.

Danny Snipes is a grieving dad. One of his three daughters, 27-year old Crystal Snipes, was gunned down outside their home Thursday afternoon.

"In my own quiet way I've cried, I've wept," he said.

Thursday was supposed to be exciting and fun. Danny says Crystal had pulled into the driveway, with her 2-year son Aiden. They were there to get 6-year old Tristan, who was coming on the bus. The three were headed to a birthday party. But around 3:30 p.m. Chesterfield police say 28-year old Douglas Eroughty showed up and shot Crystal before shooting himself.

"It's going to affect the rest of their life," said David Stitt.

David Stitt is a licensed family therapist. He says the 2-year-old boy may block out the memory, but the 6-year-old will remember Thursday.

"This is when we need to open our hearts. This is when we need to draw close and do the things that need to be done," Stitt said.

Snipes has custody of his oldest grandchild, and as of this morning, is now working to gain custody of the other.

"I've got to bury my daughter. I should not have to be burying my daughter when we tried to prevent this several years ago," Snipes said.

One issue that Danny is coping with is that he says two years ago, Crystal tried getting a restraining order against Eroughty. But Danny says there wasn't enough evidence to get the order.

"The main objective right now is to keep the spirit of my daughter alive and well within my two grandsons," Snipes said. "The children were her heart and soul.  And that's all I can say."

Tonight the Snipes family works to make funeral arrangements. Danny Snipes says he's working on a memorial for his daughter, so that everyday her two boys know she's still with them.

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